Saturday, June 02, 2007

A Shredder is Your Friend

Probably one of the handiest contraptions to have near your desk is a shredder. When you get all of those credit card applications in the mail (or balance transfer checks), you can shred it right then and there and it's a done deal. For the seconds it takes to slip the paper in the shredder it is no longer on your desk moving place to place needing a home.

Take care of it when you get it to save time later ;)

Email Troubles?

I admit, I am still learning when it comes to being able to site for only a few minutes and get through my emails. I always thought because it took me a while to compose and email and to send a thoughtful reply.

Well, it's more than that. It's about how I have my email organzied.

One of the best tricks of the trade to use with an email program is to use their mail filtering option. You set keywords or email addresses to have the program "sort" and put into designated folders for you. Maybe you can have all of your newsletters or subscriptions go to a separate folder.

That right there saves me tons of time. I no longer have to move everything around to read later when I have spare moments. It's already there!

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Remembering Contacts

While business socializing, it is not uncommon for someone to pass out a business card when you meet them. A handy tip is to always have a small pencil handy (think of those ones at mini golf courses). After you say your goodbye to that person and they give you a business card, quickly go somewhere and jot down information about that person.

When you send an email or give a call to that contact, you now have your little cheat sheet of important information right on the back of the business card. This trick also works well for after a job interview.

Your Memory Sometimes Needs Help

I know a gal who never writes anything down. She states matter of factly that her memory is golden and she always remembers everything she needs to do. True, because she said that sometimes I test her for fun. I thought for sure she would falter with at least one of my tests, but she hasn't.

My friend is an exception. Most of us like our memory, but it isn't infallable. There is no shame in using aids to help us remember things. One thing I like to use is a notebook. Others have added technology (I did, but no longer do) and use a Palm Pilot to keep track of their life.

The main thing is that if you need help, don't be ashamed to use something that is out there. We all need help sometimes :)

Organizing Bookmarks

While surfing the web, I end up bookmarking so many things. Before long, I would have bookmarks a mile long on my computer and I rarely ended up going back to the sites that I bookmarked. I couldn't find them easily!

The best thing to do is to create folders within your bookmarks. The technique to do this will vary with the browser program you use, but just look under help to find out how to do it.

I have folders for finances, writing, family, etc. Whenever I save a bookmark, I put it in one of the folders. It keeps my bookmarks neat and usable!